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SUNNY Bracelet

A bright-colored bracelet made of millefiori beads, crystal teardrop beads, and pearls. 

Materials are completely sourced from US-based small businesses and manufacturers. 


Please choose your size. Please check our FAQs to find out how to measure your size. 

Please note: Because of the handmade nature of the product, there may be variations of a few mm due to differences in bead sizes, etc.


This is made-to-order. We will ship the item in 2-5 business days.


Completely sourced from US-based small businesses and manufacturers

  • Pearls (NJ, USA)
  • Millefiori beads (OR, USA)
  • Teardrop beads (OR, USA)
  • Findings (MO, USA)

 //Care Instructions//

There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of your jewelry. We advise you to keep the jewelry in the soft velvet bag provided or in a small box of your choosing. Please avoid heat and moisture. You may find more information on our FAQ page.

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