Some general FAQs for EMRI Studio. If you have anymore questions, feel free to drop us an email at info[@]emri-studio[.]com or text us at (845) 418 - 2059

Texts will be responded to quicker than email. 

**All prices are in USD**

Help! I haven't received any tracking updates!

There have been some issues with the Shopify & USPS platform integration.

First, please be sure to check your junk mail. If using Gmail, please be sure to check the "Promotions" Tab.

If you have NOT received an email with us with tracking information within 7 business days, please send us a text at (845) 418- 2059 or email us at info[@]emri-studio[.]com Text messages will always be responded to quicker than email! 

We will send you your tracking information directly. 

Why am I receiving a follow-up email for my order?

You may receive a follow up on your order if the name on the shipping address does not match the cardholder name. These situations are usually flagged to prevent fraud, especially for orders $50+. All we need is a confirmation that there is an authorized use for the card in question.

This is just to protect our small business as well as to protect any potential unauthorized use of someone else's card. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

When will I receive my jewelry?

Because the jewelry is made to order, all pieces will take 3-10 business days to complete. After the piece is completed, we will send it out via USPS. Please note that once the package is out of our hands, we have no control of how fast you receive it. Please read refer to our shipping policy for more information.

How do I measure for a custom size?

To measure your wrist, ideally, you will have a soft fiberglass tape measure. This is typically found in sewing kits. Otherwise, you can use a ribbon or string.

Take your measuring tape/ribbon/string and wrap it around your wrist. It should be snug with a bit of room for movement. It should never feel tight. To give you an idea, the average female wrist size is between 6.5in-7.5in. I have really tiny wrists, and mine are 6in! But, this can range and is different for everyone :)

If you used the measuring tape, you're done!

For everyone else, mark on the ribbon/string where you want to bracelet to end. Then take the ribbon/string and place it on a ruler to get a measurement. Please note that all custom jewelry will be slightly different by 2-3 mm due to different sized beads. But, this will not affect the overall fit of your jewelry!

How do I care for my new EMRI jewelry?

All jewelry, sterling silver, gold plated, gold filled, or gold vermeil must be consistently cared for to retain its shine and beauty. Tarnishing or color change in gold or silver jewelry is natural over time. EMRI is not responsible for the care of the jewelry when you have received your jewelry.

We’ve listed a few guidelines to help you prolong the use of your jewelry.

Please avoid wearing jewelry in the following environments:

  • Humidity/high moisture (steam rooms, saunas, etc.)
  • Hot days where jewelry may be exposed to sweat and moisture
  • Saltwater (beaches, etc.)
  • Chlorine (pools, etc.)
  • When wearing cosmetic products (sunscreen, perfumes, strong scented lotion etc.)
  • Sleeping
  • Exercising

You may wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to retain its shine. Do not use water or harsh chemicals.

Please avoid tugging or pulling at jewelry as this can cause stress to the body and fasteners of the jewelry.

It is highly recommended that the jewelry be kept in the soft velvet bag provided by EMRI. Please try to keep the jewelry in separate bags or holders. Keeping many pieces of jewelry in one place can scratch and tangle all the jewelry in the bag. This can lead to pieces being scratched or broken and colors being rubbed off if not careful. If the bag is inconvenient, a small box may be used instead.

What are your sustainability practices?

All materials, when possible, are sourced from a local business. We are based in New York City and source the majority of our materials from New York, New Jersey, or other parts of the United States. This will be listed in the description of the item.

While we all love packaging, excess packaging leads to more waste in our environment. EMRI strives to keep the packaging minimal while maintaining a beautiful experience for you. The small velvet bags are handmade in New York.

Additionally, this is a sweatshop-free, cruelty-free brand. I pay a living wage of $20/hour which reflects our hopes that the fashion industry (and all industries!) will change and treat workers fairly. Thank you for supporting this small business!

What is the difference between gold plated, gold filled, and gold vermeil?

Gold plated is a process where a fairly thin layer of gold is plated on top of the base metal. The base metal can be made of brass or copper. Gold plated can be infused with anti-tarnishing chemicals.

Gold vermeil is a process in which a thick layer of gold (usually 14k – 22k gold) is coated upon sterling silver.

Gold-filled is a process where a thick layer of gold is coated upon a base metal that can be made of brass. Gold-filled does not rub off or tarnish and can have the same properties as real gold when taken care of.

Each of these processes is different and will be reflected in the price.

All jewelry made at EMRI is lead and nickel free unless otherwise specified. The material of the jewelry is listed in the description of the item.